16 Sep 2012

Remove Data Permanently From HDD and USB (Not Recoverable)

BCWipe is an ultimate software product that allows you to delete any unwanted data from your hard drive: files, folders,records, private data, cookies, file slacks,
content of the swap file, previously accessed pages on the Internet. Standard operating system's deletion procedures remove only a reference to a file from filesystem tables leaving it's content intact. With generally available undelete tools the file can be easily recovered. BCWipe brings peace of mind by using military-grade procedures to wipe deleted file contents making it impossible to recover. Data wiping employs DoD 5200.28-STD and Peter Gutmann data shredding schemes rendering information in deleted files, free disk space, swap file, empty directory entries and file slacks unrecoverable. BCWipe includes Task Manager to set up predefined times when files are wiped out automatically. A swap file encrypting utility is included and it provides ultimate protection of swap file content.

What's new in this version: Version 6.01.03 fixes some bugs.



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