First time the game commandos 1 was released in 1998 in africa and other countries, The game was much appreciated each commando has their own skills and Weapons according to their groups. Commandos can see the whole map and check the opponent forces what they are doing and what we want to do against them! 

 Graphically the Commandos 1 game is the best game, each level contains different textures , trees , rocks, flowing water and other real looking things which looks better. 

 Game view is very large and there are alot of players in game so due to above camera its little difficult to point out your men because the commandos looks very small in the game. 

 I played commandos game and i really liked it, it offers high challenges and good skills to think and then play game, without a good strategy you can’t play game, Or in other words without plan we can’t play this game easily. 

 Commandos : 

1. Jack butcher O’hara (The green berret)
Jack butcher O’hara is the main player of the game commandos, he is a boxer in army, O’hara was at the militry court for 14 years but after getting a high rank he came into commandos and started his carrier in it.

2. Samuel Brooklyn (Driver)
Samuel was a big criminal in united states of america, but after his criminal carrier he joined british army in 1937 and started his new carrier in it and soon he got a good rank and got the seat of a driver in American commandos.

3. James “fin ” Blackwood (Marine)
James was an naval engineer, He studied from oxford and joined commandos with a simple soldier tag but later like others he worked good and became Marine .

4. Thomas ” Fireman ” (Sapper)
Thomas was born in liver pool and he was expert in high and risky  explosives on the year 1940 thomas joined commandos. After a long time during an operation thomas got caught but after 8 weeks he escaped from them and started serving commandos again .

5. Francis T. “Duke ” (Sniper)
Francis is an Aristrocrat, He is know as the good soldier for being cool and a polite person, Francis T. got military medal when he shot-ed a german soldier from 1 mile distance.

6. Rene ” spooky ” (Spy)
Rene spooky was the former cheif of the security staff, he was having the good knowledge of hittler’s militry staff, He was a good knowing soldier of his time.