16 Nov 2012

Commandos Beyond The Call Of Duty Free Download Full Version Highly/Super Compressed for Pc

Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty ends up feeling like a shadow of its former self, being both shorter and more frustrating than the original.

The Nazis are invading Europe, and you've got to help the Allied forces stop the terrifying bunch before it's too late. The game's original six heroes are back for more action, aided by two new characters a Yugoslav military officer and a member of the Dutch Resistance. You'll begin each game ranked as a sergeant, trying to elevate your status to that of Field Marshal by game's end. Each stunningly detailed mission can only be accomplished by using each of the eight commandos' skills properly, requiring as much patience as combat skills.
Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty is essentially a mission add-on pack for Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, adding eight more missions, some new weapons and a higher graphics resolution. This game is sold as a stand-alone product, so you won't need the original Commandos to play.
Just about every good game gets an expansion pack or a sequel, not just because it's profitable, but because it's easy. The good idea's already there, and the existing technology can be recycled to make a game that feels comfortably familiar but with new and exciting content. Recent expansion packs like Starcraft: Brood War, as well as sequels like Myth II and Fallout 2, all bettered their predecessors. But Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty, a standalone expansion to Behind Enemy Lines, ends up feeling like a shadow of its former self, being both shorter and more frustrating than the original.
The original Commandos was a surprise hit. It cleverly combined strategy, puzzle, and action elements with great graphics and an all-too-apt subject matter, and while there was some debate over just what kind of game it was trying to be, most found its demand for planning and precision to be both unusual and exciting.
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines was a unique entry into the computer gaming arena and it was one of my favorite strategy games released last year. A spit in the face to most RTS games which generally favor building the largest army possible to crush the opposition, Commandos put you in control of an Allied special forces squad working behind enemy lines during World War II. Action was replaced by patience and, instead of overwhelming the enemy (an impossible feat since you were outnumbered by more than twenty to one in most missions), Commandos stressed real strategy and puzzle solving in order to complete your mission objectives and get your operatives out alive. The semi-sequel, Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty  (BtCoD), expands on the original Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines and does a good job continuing the lineage. As gameplay follows pretty much the same track as the original, I encourage you read theCommandos: Behind Enemy Lines review if you're not familiar with the franchise. And if you've already played Commandos: Behind Enemy lines, then I encourage you to read on, because BtCoD may be a game that you won't want to miss.

Processor =     P3 700 MHZ
Ram =             128 MB
Video Card =   32 MB

1.Extract after downloading part 1 and 2 using  Winrar
2.Input Password
3.A new folder "CBTCOD" will appear open it.
4.Now you will see two folders open the one named CBTCOD.iso using Power ISO and extract it.
5.After extracting, install game from from the setup.
6.Now Run the game and enjoy
No crack needed working perfectly on windows 7 32 bit

Those having problem in saving the game can follow these steps:
1.Go to the installation directory where the game is installed
2.Next locate the Commando configuration file in the output folder.
3.It should be in .cfg or.CFG format
4.After locating the file, openit with Notepad
5.Replace the text in the file with the following text: SAVA
.SONIDO [ .VOLMUSICA 1.000000 .VOLEFECTOS 1.000000 .ACTIVO 1 ]
6.now save the cfg file and start the Game
7.The save and load options should work now....
Enjoy !!!!!!!

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Download Part 1
Download Part 2


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