23 Dec 2012

Advanced Installer Free Download V 9.8 Build 48877 Full Patch/crack

Advanced Installer – powerful and easy to use Windows Installer authoring tool, enabling developers to create reliable MSI packages that meet the latest Microsoft Windows logo certification guidelines. Extremely easy to use, powerful, fast and lightweight. Advanced Installer simplifies the process of building Windows Installer packages by providing a very easy to use, high level interface to the underlying technology. The program implements all Windows Installer rules and follows all the advised best practices. With this simple, intuitive interface, building a Windows Installer package will take just a few minutes. Start the program, add a few files, change the name, hit the Build button and you are done. No scripts to learn, no seminars to attend. Advanced Installer project files are stored in XML format. This way, they can be easily checked into a version control system.

Top 15 Features

Convert EXE installers to MSIs
Powerful wizard will convert any EXE setup into an MSI ready for network deployment through Active Directory.

VMware ThinApp
Full support for VMware's ThinApp technology. Easily create a virtualized version of your application from your installer.

Software Identification Tag
The simplest way to implement ISO 19770-2 standard compliance in your software products.

Installer Encryption
Password-protect your installers and encrypt them using the AES algorithm.

Fast installation
Automatically optimize your packages for the fastest possible installation.

Validation Fixes
Suggest and apply fixes for package validation errors reported while running ICE validation suites.

Visual Studio Integration
Use the provided Advanced Installer Visual Studio extension to easily access your installer directly from your IDE.

SharePoint Solution Installers
The included wizard will painlessly create standard MSI installers to deploy SharePoint solutions.

SCCM deployment
Effortlessly create packages to be deployed via Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager.

Theme Variations
New gorgeous, modern styles for your Installer Themes built on top of our Enhanced Native UI.

Project Notes
Improve the collaboration of your installer team by documenting every detail of your projects.

Application Virtualization
Full support for Microsoft's Application Virtualization technology. Effortlessly build App-V packages for your software.

Extension installers
Build Visual Studio 2010 Extension installers in seconds, using Advanced Installer's dedicated project type.

Configure HTTPS/SSL for IIS websites, use .NET 4.0 and browse IIS application pools on a web server.

Smart Repackager
Detect and preserve high-level constructs like services, drivers, file associations, environment variables and assemblies in scan results.

64-bit Repackager
Capture and repackage installations on 64-bit systems, detecting 64-bit specific components and behaviors.

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