18 Jun 2013

Typing Master Pro 7.1 Free Download

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TypingMaster Pro 7.10 Build 808 Include License Key is an adaptive touch typing tutor for Windows, that helps you to reach professional typing skills. As a result you will type up to five times faster without errors and acquire better working ergonomy by decreasing muscular stress.

Benefits of Touch Typing

  • Accelerate your typing speed - With Typing Master a novice keyboard user can learn to type many times faster. Clumsy typing will no longer interrupt the flow of your thoughts!
  • Get rid of typos -Get rid of those annoying typing errors and increase the quality of your texts.
  • Save valuable work time - Learning to touch type will help save dozens of working hours each year as you type faster and do not need to correct errors constantly.
  • Focus on your text and ideas - With fluent keyboarding skills you can put your brain power into expressing your thoughts instead of finding the right keys.
  • Improve your ergonomics - Natural, efficient finger movements and no need to look at the keyboard results in less stress in fingers, arms and neck.
  • Be confident with computers - Improved typing skills will help take full advantage of your computer as you become more confident with the keyboard.

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