2 Sep 2012

Connectify: Make your laptop and computer a wifi modem

A lot of internet and mobile users are currently struggling to connect one link internet connection of their home or office without wifi modem. Some people may not afford new wifi modem. Some may have already DSL modem without wifi and wants to use wifi on their other laptop or mobile or Ipad etc.
There are many problems. And there are many solution too.
I am sharing only one solution for this problem which is easiest and relaible and free. All you have to download a free software from this post.
Note: You must have wifi card intalled in your device.
For computer users if they have not a wifi card then they can purchase from market as it is not costly, an average person can easily afford.


Laptop with built-in Wifi Card
Computer with built-in or external Wifi Card
Internet Connection which already connected to internet

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